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Hello to any persons joining this community! If you are interested in crafts in general, beadwork, painting, sewing, sculpting, quilting, quilling, scrapbooking, papercrafts, etc. you are welcome to join. Also, if you have any craft questions, feel free to ask away, we'll try to give you good suggestions to help you through it. :)

I am an artisan of beadwork, dollmaking, painting, pursemaking, sewing (a little), and just anything that sparks my interest.

A note to any crafters/artisans who will be joining this community: You may display your work for sale. Also, I encourage commission requests! If you like something someone shows, and want something like it, feel free to ask!

A sort of side note: I often make/assemble costumes for myself, friends and family. Anyone who makes costumes for sale or fun, even if it's just for yourself the one time, show us!!! I love costumes. PG rating, please. Or sometimes Pg-13, if it's something like slave Leia or a belly dancer. Or, like, Tarzan, y'know, just no nekkid private parts, please.
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